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GRANPECT COMPANY LIMITED (abbr. GRANPECT) is a high-tech company originating from Tsinghua University in China. GRANPECT bends to the industrialization of high-tech research achievements of X-ray radiation imaging technology and specializes in research and development of various X-ray radiation imaging products and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection systems, including design, manufacture and sales.

With a strong technical strength and rich experiences in design and manufacture for key components, such as high energy electron linear accelerator, detector, data acquisition and scanning mechanical unit, etc., GRANPECT is in a leading position in radiation imaging NDT field.

GRANPECT has obtained the high-tech enterprise certification, GJB9001A-2001 quality management system certification,ISO9001 international standard quality system certification, and the products have obtained CE certification. GRANPECT has two-level confidential qualification and has all qualification with research and production of weapons and equipment.

As a worldwide recognized manufacturer of electron linear accelerator and a professional supplier of NDT equipment based on high energy electron linear accelerator, GRANPECT’s main business covers X-ray NDT products and X-ray NDT inspection service. Company has established a three-level service system which enables prompt response to any requirement from customer.

At present, GRANPECT has formed a range of complete industrial CT products, including low energy product series with X-ray energy from 160kV to 450Kv and high energy series with X-ray energy from 2MeV to 15MeV. Moreover, each subsystem and the indexes of these CT systems are tailored for customer.