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IPT Series of Industrial CT NDT System


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IPT Series of Industrial Computed Tomography Non-destructive Testing System

Industrial computed tomography non-destructive testing system (Hereinafter Industrial CT NDT system) adopts the principle of X-ray radiation imaging. It’s an advanced NDT equipment which integrates nuclear technology, computer, control and precision machinery.

Industrial CT NDT system provides cross-section images, and it can show the internal structure of workpiece, density distribution, defects location and so on. Meanwhile it can also quantitatively inspect internal structure and defect of workpiece. Industrial CT can be used in the quantitative detection of internal defect of parts and entirety, the detection of assembly validity and reverse engineering and so on. Industrial CT NDT system is used widely in aerospace, aviation, weapon building, railroad, shipbuilding, electronic, machinery, etc.

Industrial CT NDT system can equip electron linear accelerator of 2MeV (or 4MeV, 6MeV, 9MeV, 15MeV), line array detector or flat panel detector. It can also adopt multiple X-ray sources or multiple detectors to meet different requirements of inspection.


System components

      --- X-ray source: electron linear accelerator

      --- Detector: line array detector and/or flat panel detector  

      --- High precision machinery of multiple freedom degrees and electrical control

      --- System control and image processing computer

      --- System control module, data acquisition module, image reconstruction module and image processing module

      --- Safety interlock and warning 


System index/model

IPT21 series

IPT41 series

IPT61 series


IPT15 series

Scanning mode

TR, RO, DR or Real time imaging*

X-ray energy (MeV)






Dose rate( cGy/min@1m)






Focus diameter



Spatial resolution(LP/mm)



Density resolution


Time of CT scanning time (min)


Environment temperature


Environment humidity


Max. workpiece dimension(length, diameter, weight)



 *  Under flat panel detector;

** With the difference of scanning field size, scanning precision and scanning mode, the scanning time will change.