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Micro-focus Real-time Imaging Non-destructive Testing System


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Micro-focus Real-time Imaging Non-destructive Testing System

Micro-focus real-time imaging non-destructive testing system is applied in the fields of non-destructive testing (NDT) and non-destructive evaluation (NDE). It is an advanced NDT equipment integrated nuclear technology, computer technology, control technology and precision machinery. It can realize diversified detection, such as internal structure examination, assembly validity inspection, defect detection, etc. The system is widely used in the fields of aerospace, aviation, weapon, shipbuilding, electronics, machinery and material.


     --- The system has multi-freedom degree real-time imaging function. It can make radiographic examination for the tiny features by high imaging magnification ratio. Also, it has the CT imaging features.

     --- Detecting, measuring and analyzing in reflow soldering, BGA connection, solder void rate calculation, through hole, chip pasting void rate calculation, spheric welding, weld, rosin joint,etc. for electric and electrical characteriparts.

     --- For unmounted and assembly electronic components to detect defects of PCB and bridging, such as unaligned, welding gap, etc. and to detect in detail buried holes, perforation electroplating and multi-layer alignment. Also, it can be used to examine wafer level chip package detection and lead-free soldering testing.

     --- Detecting MEMS components.

     --- Detecting cable, wiring harness, plastic and many other products. 

System Components

     --- Micro-focus X-ray source

     --- Flat panel detector and image acquisition unit

     --- Multi-axis high precision mechanical scanning device and electrical control device

     --- System control, image processing software and computer

     --- Safety interlock and warning device

Technical parameters

       (1) Type of X-ray tube:

--- Nano-focus tube/micro-focus tube,

--- Open tube & closed tube,

--- Transmission target/refraction target

       (2)  MAX. Tube voltage:

--- Open tube:90kV、110kV、130kV、150kV;

--- Closed tube:100kV、160kV、190kV、225kV、240kV

       (3) X-ray focus spot size  :0.8μm~15μm

       (4) Type of detector:   flat panel detector

       (5) Pixel number:  50μm,74μm,127μm,200μm,400μm

       (6) Detector size:  100mm*100mm~400mm*400mm;

       (7) Motion freedom degree:  According to different applications, it can be customized to be multiple degrees of freedom.

       (8) Standard configuration:  6-axis freedom which are programmable control, including ,  

--- Rotary motion of rotary table:

--- Rotary table’s Moving left and right,

--- Rotary table’s forward and backward motion

--- The up and down movement of rotary table

--- The movement of detector along X-ray beam direction

--- The movement of supporting arm of detector

       (9) Hardware and software configuration:

--- Station, High performance display card

--- System control and image acquisition software

--- Image processing and inspection software

       (10) Lead cabinet:

--- Size of lead cabinet: 1200mm*1200mm*1800mm(L*W*H)

--- Leakage radiation: <1μSv/h

--- Door interlock switch alarm devices, anti-collision and anti- interference devices