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Electron Linear Accelerator for Industrial NDT


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Electron Linear Accelerator for Industrial NDT

Electron linear accelerator generates X-ray beam by using magnetic field to accelerate charged particle and make its speed to approach the speed of light, then, in the high velocity the charged particle impact into target. Compared with the ordinary X-ray tube, electron linear accelerator generates X-ray with the characteristics of high energy and high intensity.

The industrial NDT electron linear accelerator (LINAC) is a high energy X-ray generator. It has the characteristics of high energy, high dose rate and high stability but small volume. Many advanced designs and manufacturing technologies, such as  microwave electric field phase focusing, cavity precision machining, precision welding microwave commissioning , are adopted to its core components.

Industrial NDT electronic linear are mainly used for industrial CT NDT system, digital imaging NDT system and radiographic NDT system.

GRANPECT offers following linear electron accelerator:

     --- Single energy: 1 2 4 6 9 15Mev

     --- Dual energy switchable: 3/1 6/4  9/6  15/9MeV

     --- Various Customized LINACs


System Components

     --- X-ray head

     --- Modulator

     --- Control console

     --- Temperature control unit