GRANPECT is the largest and most comprehensive customized industrial CT testing equipment manufacturer in China in terms of electronic linear accelerators, detectors, data acquisition, precision mechanical motion, and autonomous software.
DR real-time imaging non-destructive inspection system
Customized Industrial real-time imaging non-destructive testing (NDT) system adopts digital detector as X-ray signal receiver. Dynamic X-ray video images of object can be quickly gotten, and the...
Industrial CT non-destructive testing system
Industrial computed tomography non-destructive testing system (Hereinafter Industrial CT NDT system) adopts the principle of X-ray radiation imaging. It’s an advanced NDT equipment which integrates...
HEXTRON linear accelerator
Electron linear accelerator uses an electromagnetic field to accelerate charged particles to the speed of light, and produces X-rays after hitting a target.
Railway non-destructive inspection system
TZ3000 high-energy non-destructive testing DR and CT scanning system can be used for rapid real-time detection of defects such as air holes, sand inclusions, cracks, and shrinkage holes in key parts of train bolsters and side frames.